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Turkey Completed R & D Works In Smart Home Systems And Goes Into Production

Turkey Completed R & D Works In Smart Home Systems And Goes Into Production

01.10.2018Turkey gives importance to domestic production by reducing foreign dependence on building automation systems. With the domestic production of smart home technologies taken from abroad, it helps to have mobility within the building automation sector. As a result of the R & D studies, domestic products were developed in the building automation system and success was achieved as a result of the tests. Interra company, which is at the forefront with its successful works in this sector, produces professional solutions for smart building systems.
Interra has managed to export its products to Europe and the Middle East thanks to its support for domestic production. The company is working on R & D and adopting the following strategies in smart home technology.
  • To enter the top 10 in smart home technology as a result of R & D work.
  •  Producing original products and helping them to improve the quality of life thanks to these products.
  •  To give direction to the sector by entering into product competition in the international market.
  •  To ensure that the designed products are applied to the world ranking by applying patent applications.
  •  Aiming at delivering the technology at the most cost-effective basis and delivering it to the users within the framework of an appropriate price policy.
What Does Smart Home Technology Contain?

Smart home technology helps to make homes that you use smart technologically. It allows you to direct the related technological products to your request by giving commands via the panel from the inside or away from home. You can do all these details through a single panel. If you want, you can turn off the curtain or adjust the lighting. You can learn about road information, economy by using smart home technology. The domestic system developed by Intertta, which has been developed on this subject, has succeeded in making its name known in the world entrepreneurship sector.
The company has also obtained the following certificates regarding the service content and products.
• TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Smart building technologies, Development and sales of hardware with the development of energy processing software
• TS EN ISO 14001: 2004 Smart building technologies, Development and sale of hardware with the development of energy processing software
• CE Combo Switch Modules
• CE EIO Modules
• CE Touch Panel 7 Inch
• CE Touch Panel 10 inch
• LVT Test Certificate
• KNX Certification 2-4-6 Channel BinaryInputModule
• KNX CertificationComboOutputModule
• KNX MemberCertificate

Although Interrta is doing the software and hardware of smart home systems, it also supports the development of young minds in the sector. For this purpose, it cooperates with the relevant universities. By working with the universities mentioned below, it enables the R & D department to reach young brains.

• Gebze Technical
• Yıldız Technical University

Interra has also participated in Tubitak supported projects and contributed to the development of the sector with its vision.
  •  TEYDEB 1507 (7110441) - Energy Conscious Integrated Central Administration Control Panel for Green Buildings (July 2011- June 2012)
  • TEYDEB 1507 (7120360) - Smart Grid Compliant, Managed, Wired KNX Equipment (May 2012- May 2013)
  • TEYDEB 1501 (3151153) - Interface design that enables control of the air conditioning to which it is connected by communicating via KNX (November 2015 - April 2017)
Interra, which allows domestic capital to do successful works in Turkey, will change our lives with its smart building systems, and it will also increase the comfort level. If you want to follow the developments of the company closely and have information about smart home technology, you can visit