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Something New Is Experiencing In Automation, Domestic Production Gains Speed

Something New Is Experiencing In Automation, Domestic Production Gains Speed

01.10.2018Turkey is a country dependent on abroad in building automation. Overseas companies are used to provide many products and smart home designs are being formed. Especially with the creation and using of the new generation smart home systems in the sector have led to mobility in automation systems.

New hardware and software that helps to improve the quality of life, allows you to control all the systems inside the building from a single center. Turkey has developed itself in automation with its studies in recent years and has helped the emergence of professional firms working on this issue.

Interra, which is the domestic production that makes a name for itself by working for the first time in building automation systems, has pioneered in the creation of Interra home systems. As a result of its R & D works, it added value to smart home technology.

What is Interra

It is a domestic company consisting of experts and young talents in the field of smart home technology. The company provides the infrastructure required for smart building systems and allows people to control their products in a comfortable way. Interra, which allows you to control all the products in your home from a single center, provides its special products to both domestic and international markets.

Since the company is a domestic production, it also leads the sector and enables new formations to occur. Because it has a professional background in R & D, it brings you to the future in smart home technology.

Smart House Technology Exports to 31 Countries

Interra serves as having domestic capital and brings its products to 31 countries. This is giving the pride to Turkey in terms of domestic capital. All the products in the company have the latest technology and are specially designed for smart home systems. Interra, which finds its place in the European market with technological products, also contributes to the promotion of Turkey. All the products of Interra are user-centric and help to increase the welfare of people with technology.

Domestic Capital - Domestic Production in Smart Home Systems

With the start of the production of smart home systems, you can control your air conditioner, television and all the technological products that you use in your home from a single center. You can also add the style you want in smart home systems. Lighting control, temperature adjustment, or even market conditions are at hand. Combining these features together also contributes to increasing the quality of life. Interra, which made technological investments with domestic capital power in smart home systems, succeeded in producing a first domestic smart home systems.

Something New Is Experiencing In Domestic Production

In terms of both hardware and software, Interra is taking place in the industry as the first domestic company in Turkey’s smart home technology production. You can benefit from the advantageous world of domestic production for offices or for your buildings and you can see the difference in quality.

Foreign dependency Decreases In Technology

Thanks to the new technology that is produced by Interra, dependency on foreign sources is decreasing. The use of native software in smart home systems and the creation of a personalized usage provides great advantages. The R & D company, which follows the technology closely, carries the power of domestic capital to other countries reliably by going on working. If you want to follow the Interra Company and have information about its products, you can access from