New living comfort in Vadistanbul is designed with INTERRA

July 17, 2020

The fact that we approach each project of Artaş European houses with special care and offer new solutions has brought INTERRA brand to the forefront and enabled us to become a solution partner. The discovery and proposal works given in this project, our independent solution in 33 different types of apartments, are the biggest elements that gained us this project.

Interra, which provides solutions for living comfort and energy management in buildings, iswitch thermostat automation switches are preferred in Vadistanbul Bulvar stage which is one of the biggest mixed projects of Istanbul with its total construction.

Interra 10.1 ”touch screen and flood sensor are also used.


  • Enlightenment automation
  • Underfloor heating automation
  • Water flooding sensor
  • Site concierge + intercom
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