A unique combination of safety, efficiency, and comfort with the thinnest design in its class. With the new Interra KNX Sensor series, functions like energy and lighting management, heating, and air conditioning in indoor spaces can be integrated into building automation systems in an innovative and reliable way. 

ITR415-0001 - Mid-Range KNX Presence Sensor is a multi-functional device suitable for indoor usage with mid-range detection capability from 15m to 18m. 

Main Functions:

• Presence, Brightness, Movement, Internal and External Temperature Detection. 

• 4 Independently Configurable Presence Channels for Constant Control Application. 

• 5 Independent Logic Blocks (“AND”, “OR” and “XOR”) 

• Integrated Virtual Card Holder function for Hotel Projects 

• Master / Slave Mode 

• 2 Digital Inputs and 1 Analog Input 

* For more information please check the datasheet for the product.

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Interra KNX Sensor Series

ITR415-0x02 // KNX Mid-Range + Presence Sensor

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