Imini, the youngest member of the Interra touch panel family, is the new control unit of smart building technologies. Imini, by bringing a different perspective with its vertical design, does larger than her name.

All functions such as light on / off or dimming, curtain-blinds control or room temperature control can be easily performed. The new user interface provides automatic time control functions, programming or comprehensive scenario management. Imini, the new generation touch screen, opens the doors of a new residential lifestyle. Building communication applications (intercom and concierge services) will be an important aid with messaging management and announcement features.

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Thanks to the Interra Concierge system, you can perform services such as communication with the site management, valet, cleaning service, SPA appointment, taxi call, renovation, e-market via Imini RES. You can also apply all of these controls from the Interra mobile app (InterraPro) without leaving your seat.


With SIP / VOIP communication, the interra touch door unit offers unparalleled comfort and security in building communication. Bring all the necessary features to a product in a living environment; Contact the site management, messaging and communication with intercom, announcements and such features will be the most important help in the home.


As a SIP client, the device offers video door playback and crystal clear voice communication. You can also add as many security cameras as you want.

Software Features

  • Dynamic user interface
  • Lighting control
  • Curtain-blind control
  • Air conditioning control
  • Air conditioning (IR) control
  • Residence services service
  • Sip intercom Communication
  • Messaging-News-suggestions-complaints

Hardware Features

  • 6.5 ”touch screen
  • Multitouch capacitive
  • Temperature sensor
  • Ambient sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • IR Transmitter
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
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